Alma Haser | Cosmic Surgery

AlmaHaser_Lottie AlmaHaser_LillyandAnastasia AlmaHaser_TillyandJohnny AlmaHaser_Luca

When I first saw these creepy and disturbing photos, I instantly fell in love. That must be all these weird movies I’ve been feeding my soul with over the last 25 years…

Alma Haser is a London based artist and origami lover. Graduated in Photography in Art Practice from Nottingham Trent University, she decided to combine her skills in photography with her taste for origami to create these alien and futuristic portraits.

The series Cosmic Surgery is created following three phases: 1. Alma takes a photo of her sitter. 2. She prints several copies and folds them into an intricate origami that is then placed on the original photo. 3. Finally she photographs the whole.

Creative or just bizarre, what’s your opinion?

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