Jose Romussi | Dance

Ballerina S-N3 Pas de quatre Dance10.1-Friedel-Herfurthm Dance11.1-S-N

One of Jose Romussi’s work (from another series) has for a long time been my laptop wallpaper. I didn’t know who the artist was, I just loved the idea of embroidery on a photograph. When I finally found out who the mysterious artist was, I was really happy to be able to browse his other works and be impressed by his style. This is my favourite series.

Jose Romussi is a Chilean artist based in Germany. He uses several methods such as embroidery, collage and photography to create modified version of our reality. In this series, Romussi used old black and white photographies of ballet dancers and modified and colored them, using the precise art of embroidery.

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