Mister Finch and his vintage fabric animals

Big-swan-full1 DSC_0002-1024x1024 Flower-masked-hare-1024x1024 Halloween-hares-small-1 halloween-spiders-group-small Moth-and-coach-small Moths-and-hands1-685x1024 open-winged-moth-and-sister-large-1024x794 Tea-making-spider-small

These rabbits, spiders and butterflies are not real ones but made out of vintage fabric by the oh so talented Mister Finch.

Mister Finch is an English artist who adores sewing. Self-taught and definitely skilled, he takes his inspiration from the natural life to which he adds another dimension. Flowers, insects and birds fascinate him as well as British folklore. Telling stories by humanizing insects and animals, Finch gives a new life to forgotten materials and tales.

(via This is Colossal)

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