Carmel Seymour

C.S._The-Moon-Moves-because-it-Wants-to_201156x76cm-739x1024 C.S._The-Sound-a-Ghost-Makes_201156x76cm-751x1024 Carmel-Seymour-2013-Hug-it-out-there-745x1024 Endeavour96x61cm-643x1024 Fearful-Symetry96x61cm-643x1024 Fjolublar-742x1024 lyrelyresimon-724x1024

Dream islands floating in the air, people growing flowers and other fantastic stories are told by Carmel Seymour’s artworks.

Carmel Seymour is an Iceland based artist who takes her inspiration from nature, plants and botanical illustrations. Her works are mainly done using watercolour paint, which result in these oh so pretty imaginative illustrations.

(via Frankie Magazine)

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