Gabriele Galimberti | Delicatessen with love

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When Gabriele Galimberti decided that it was time for him to go and see the world, his Granny was very worried. Not that he would be in great danger, but that we wouldn’t get to eat properly. Following this, Gabriele decided to not only visit other countries, but their grannies too.

As everybody know, grannies always put an honour to make sure that kids eat properly. So they cook with love. Across the numerous countries Gabriele Galimberti visited, he always found a granny to make him a lovely meal. He took photos of each of them, first with the ingredients then of each meal. This ended up creating the series of photos Delicatessen with love, showing that no matter who and where, a granny always finds time and love to cook for the youth.

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