Cody Cobb | Islands

1a_Island-103 1a_Island-104 1a_Island-105 1a_Island-107 1a_Island-109 1a_Island-111 1a_Island-118 1a_Island-119 Island_B-103 Island0610-100

I haven’t been very active in this platform for the past few weeks and this is due for several personal reasons mainly linked with work and probably a bit of laziness too. But I am back and ready to show you all these great artists I’ve been discovering online and in real life, starting with Cody Cobb.

I don’t know exactly why, but these past few weeks I have been craving for some natural and wild environment. London and its parks are all nice and tidy but I must admit that a bit more beautiful natural landscapes would be nice. So instead of escaping London, I look at these beautiful photos, and feel better already. Aren’t they nice?

(via The Artful Desperado)

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