Beccy McCray | Like Fat Kid Love Cake

don-t believe the hype_15_web fight the power_13_web it was a good day_02_web make love fuck war_06_web resist_03_web stilli rise_02_web

Colourful cakes with writings like anthems, sounds like something you might like? Personally, I instantly fell in love with these, especially the “Don’t Believe the Hype” version. So close and yet far from the hipster culture we see a lot around here in East London.

As you probably guessed, Beccy McCray is London based who creates fake cakes that look like real (because of the real icing that goes on top). Challenging the cliché of baking being the hobby of a muted and submissive feminine (old) crowd, she created these fun and original pieces.

Oh, and when Beccy’s baked goods become an installation, that’s how it ends up looking:


Pretty cool, huh?

(via Frankie Magazine)

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