Paris in a different light

Ah, Paris! With its beautiful buildings and exquisite food! The usual way to capture the city of light is by taking photos of its iconic architecture, especially the Eiffel Tower. Now, these two following artists have decided to shake things up a little bit, and show something different. A sort of “behind the scenes” of Paris if you want, unveiling a new side of the city. Well done to them for this new and original approach!

Pierre Folk | By the Silent Line

02 03 04 06 29 37


Started in 2011 by French photographer Pierre Folk, this project represents La Petite Ceinture (the little belt), an old and derelict railway encircling Paris that was in use in the 19th century. The line has been unused for 80 years and the vegetations has slowly taken over.

Forgotten by most Parisians because its access was closed to the public, La Petite Ceinture has become an interest for developers who see in this unused land an opportunity to develop the city. An opposition has risen amongst railway enthusiasts and patrimony organizations to save the Petite Ceinture and open it to public. The final decision hasn’t been made yet, but I really hope that they will not destroy this great testimony of the past.


Michael Wolf | Paris Abstract 

prt_01_48x68 prt_02_48x68 prt_03_48x68 prt_04_48x68 prt_06_48x60 prt_08_48x68

Michael Wolf has decided to turn his camera to rooftops instead of facades, and I am grateful for this. Original and geometric, his series offers the viewers a new sight of Paris. Refreshing!

(via This Is Colossal)

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