Dex | Literary London Map

Literary London Central Black_640 Literary London Central White 21x30_640White Map close1_640dexmap4 dexmap5

Being a Londoner, I always enjoy reading/watching stories with a plot located in the city I live in. For this map, graphic artist Dex and interior designer Anna Burles have made some serious research and dug through more than 250 novels in order to fill the map.

Each character is written and located in the area they were usually hanging out, and it’s awesome. You can buy it here.

(via i100)

3 thoughts on “Dex | Literary London Map”

  1. Aargh! I need to go mug a leprechaun. You keep posting about things that I then seriously covet. I love this literary map and also several of the other prints on the Dex website. Fabulous work. Now to go find a rainbow ….

      1. Not as sorry as those leprechauns I’m mugging gold from! Nah, keep the inspiration coming. It’s good to have a wish list to aspire to. 🙂

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