Alison Jackson

10177894_10152380774207264_7956155832193840948_n kate_middleto_george_nappy KATE_QUEEN_CAMILLA_PIPPA_CRY_1_F_HiRes Kate-Middleton-and-David-Beckham Kate-Middleton-naked Kate-Middleton-pregnant-watching-TV MG_1235-1-682x1024 MG_6095_KATE_WILLS_BABY_BATH_LoRes MG_8136_WILLS_250513_MANBOOB_LoRes pippa-and-harry-caught-royal-witnesses-alison-jackson

The Royal Family is so overwhelming popular here in England. Being French, it was quite a surprise for me to realize how much the members of royalty were looked upon. There isn’t a week when we don’t hear about them. However, all the info and photos we get are filtered and only a partial, glamorized version of their everyday life is allowed to be published.

English photographer Alison Jackson decided that it was high time for the public to have a sneaky peak behind the scenes. All these images are fake, with actors looking very similar to the real royals, but they still trigger a voyeuristic state within us. Maybe the Royals are just like everybody else after all?

(via Saatchi)

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