The Children’s Hospital, London

Chris_Haughton_1-600x400 Chris_Haughton_3-600x400 Chris Haughton Miller_Goodman_4-600x400 Miller_Goodman_6-600x400 Miller Goodman ChildrensWard_Small_001 ChildrensWard_Small_009-600x400 Donna Wilson morag_3 Morag_Myerscough_4

Morag Myerscough

Hospitals being such terribly depressing places, 15 artists have been commissioned to redecorate the London Children’s hospital. The result is a mix of patterns, animals, flowers and above all bold colours, that will hopefully brighten up some of the little patients.

Such a good idea!

For more information, visit Vital Arts.

(via Demilked)

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