Céline Clanet | Máze

02-maze-sami-lapland03-maze-sami-lapland04-maze-sami-lapland27-maze-sami-lapland38-maze-sami-lapland"The Wedding, M‡ze, 2008"

French photgrapher Céline Clanet decided to document the life and surroundings of Máze, a small Sámi village in Norwegian Lapland. Her poetic photos show a peaceful way of life in a place where people seem to be connected with nature (to the point of always having binoculars at hand, according to Clanet).

The immaculate landscapes, covered with snow, bare trees and occasional houses, are documented with love and talent. But Clanet’s beautiful photographs are also a harsh reminder of the dangers of global warming, and how quickly these populations will be affected by it.

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