Grayson’s art club

a0050784949_10(image source)

In these troubled times, it is easy to slip into the fold of our sofa in a mindless slumber. And while I have nothing against a good ol’ binge-watch, I find that it usually leaves me drained of all energy and creativity. That’s when Grayson Perry’s magnificent art club comes into the game.


(painting by Julia Gardner; Julia Gardner via Channel 4)

The 6-episode program brings you Grayson and wife Philippa in their workshop as they work on some creative endeavours. Each episode is devoted to a theme and explores not only Perry’s work but also the public’s, which had been invited to participate and send in their works. Fun, entertaining and inspiring, Grayson’s art club makes me wish there were more similar TV programs out there.

Grayson’s Art Club is available on reply on Channel 4’s website.

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