Jee Young Lee

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Jee Young Lee is a Korean artist who uses her studio to create these whimsical scenes. To do so, she doesn’t use any digital manipulation but instead she paints, makes and arranges the room to eventually take one single photo of it. Taking her inspiration from Korean tales and personal experiences, these self-portraits explore “her quest for an identity, her desires and her frame of mind”, according to OPIUM Gallery. Aren’t they poetic and beautiful? (via My Modern Met)

Kincso Nagy | Harry Potter

harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-1 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-2 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-4 harry-potter-glowing-book-cover-design-kincso-nagy-7

Kincso Nagy has been making this collection of all the Harry Potter books for her Bachelor’s degree. Her version of the famous books not only glow in the dark but one of them (The Philisopher’s Stone) even has amazing pop-up illustrations in it! As an all-time Harry Potter fan, I couldn’t not love them (they are so magical!) and I really wish she could sell them!

(via Bored Panda)

Uldus Bakhtiozina | Russ Land


Uldus Bakhtiozina is a Russian photographer. With this photo series, she brings to life popular Russian tales and aims to “express something deeper than today’s average trendy photo formula. I want to be learning something or feeling something when I’m looking at a photo – so I try to create the same experience with my photography. With my art. With my Life!”

Blending modern fashion photography and ethnic heritage, Uldus offers beautiful and dream-like images of her culture.

(via Demilked)

If you like her aesthetics, take a look at her TED Talks video:

The Children’s Hospital, London

Chris_Haughton_1-600x400 Chris_Haughton_3-600x400 Chris Haughton Miller_Goodman_4-600x400 Miller_Goodman_6-600x400 Miller Goodman ChildrensWard_Small_001 ChildrensWard_Small_009-600x400 Donna Wilson morag_3 Morag_Myerscough_4

Morag Myerscough

Hospitals being such terribly depressing places, 15 artists have been commissioned to redecorate the London Children’s hospital. The result is a mix of patterns, animals, flowers and above all bold colours, that will hopefully brighten up some of the little patients.

Such a good idea!

For more information, visit Vital Arts.

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Touchka Fashion Tales

wall-format-big-birds1 back_Lprince_square Modei-birds-S1 Model-birds-M1

“Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow.” said the Prince, “will you stay with me one night longer?” (Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince)

wall-format-big-fairy back_flowers_square1 CU-fairy-S Model-fairy-S1

“Do you believe in fairies? If you do, clap your hands” (J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan)

bagira-wall-135 back_Bagira_square1 CU-bagira-S model-bagira-S

“A black shadow dropped down into the circle. It was Bagheera the Black Panther, inky black all over, but with the panther markings showing up in certain lights like the pattern of watered silk.” (Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book)

wall-format-big-prince CU-Lprince-S Model-Lprince-L1 Back-flowers

“If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a bloom with flowers…” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

wall-format-big-unicorn1 back_unicorn_square CU-unicorn-s1 model-Unicorn-M1

“Do you know, I always thought unicorns were fabulous monsters too? I never saw one alive before!”

“Well, now that we have seen each other” said the unicorn, “if you believe in me, I’ll believe in you.” (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass)

Touchka Fashion Tales was founded by Jenny Lumelsky and Tomer Ronen out of their love for storytelling. Their intention was to create timeless pieces, between illustration and fashion, for elegant women.

What to say except that these gorgeous scarves are definitely on top of my wishlist. All of them of course.

(via The Jealous Curator)

Christopher Gee

11.-Black-Cat 12.-Moon 32.-Lighthouse openhands Owl White-Stag prt_300x413_1414941290prt_300x428_1414944483

Christopher Gee is an English painter who creates moody and beautiful scenes. He usually paints small intimate portraits of animals and sad boys. He takes his inspiration from folk art and northern Renaissance painting. These mysterious scenes, dominated by the moon, an eclipse or simply a very dark night make the viewer feel like they are entering a story and something is about to happen.

ReCheng Tsang

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ReCheng Tsang is a California-based artist who creates wall panels using porcelain. She usually leaves it unglazed so the viewer can focus on the shape and sensuality of each piece of porcelain. Each artwork is composed of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of porcelain, each shaped by hand. The artist is interested in the dichotomous between “the porcelain’s hardness and permanence, and the resulting work which appears to be delicate, ephemeral and in motion”.

(via The Jealous Curator)