Christopher Gee

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Christopher Gee is an English painter who creates moody and beautiful scenes. He usually paints small intimate portraits of animals and sad boys. He takes his inspiration from folk art and northern Renaissance painting. These mysterious scenes, dominated by the moon, an eclipse or simply a very dark night make the viewer feel like they are entering a story and something is about to happen.

ReCheng Tsang

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ReCheng Tsang is a California-based artist who creates wall panels using porcelain. She usually leaves it unglazed so the viewer can focus on the shape and sensuality of each piece of porcelain. Each artwork is composed of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of porcelain, each shaped by hand. The artist is interested in the dichotomous between “the porcelain’s hardness and permanence, and the resulting work which appears to be delicate, ephemeral and in motion”.

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Diana Beltran Herrera | Bird Stamps

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Diana Bertrand Herrera is a Colombian artist who enjoys creating birds out of paper. For this series, she recreated some of the stamps she has been collecting for two years. The birds have been magnified and appear to be coming out of the stamps. Using a 3D technique, she has been working on every detail of each stamp to make these delicate works of art.

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Thomas C. Chung | “A Promise Made, Is A Promise Kept”

download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4) download (5) download Australian artist Thomas C. Chung hand stitched 88 full-sized succulents for an installation called “A Promise Made, Is A Promise Kept” in 2013 at Bloom Art Space in Shanghai. 88 is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture, with the artwork speaking about growth and patience for change in the global climate (which he probably needed to hand-stitch them all!), as seen from a child’s point of view.

I love plants but since I have a tendency to kill them all (too much love?), perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in one of these cuties? (via Frankie Magazine)

Na Young Wu | Asian Disney Heroines

Na Young Wu has been re-imagining the famous Disney heroines but with a Asian aesthetics. He kept the general attributes of each characters (colour palette, surroundings) but changed the physical looks and costumes so they reflect the traditional Korean nature, costumes and hairstyles.



Snow White


Alice in Wonderland


The Little Mermaid


The Beauty and the Beast


Red Ridding Hood

red hood


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Rebecca Drolen | Hair Pieces

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Rebecca Drolen‘s surreal photos explore the relationship we have with hair. Women wear their hair as a symbol of femininity, however hair can also be viewed as something non desirable depending on where it grows. She decided to use self-portrait and photography to examine the contradictions in our society concerning self image and this resulted in this series of dream-like images that make us rethink about modern days aesthetics and beauty criteria.

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