Elena Tyn



When I found this Tumblr last year, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. The photos, mostly taken in the forest, emanate this gentle charm that you sometimes find in pictures from the past. As for the crafts, carefully handmade little objects for everyday life: purses, knitted mittens, decorated notebooks… my heart sighed with admiration. How precious! Since then, I have been dutifully following Elena on her quaint Instagram account and on her Etsy shop and have recently ventured to ask her a few questions for the Art Gazette. She kindly accepted, here are her replies:


Hi! Could you tell me more about yourself? 
Hi! My name is Elena but I like to be called Ellen. I’m a full-time crafter and instagrammer living in the wild Karelian woods, Russia, with my family. Everything I do is my job and my hobby.
What does your pseudonym stand for?
The name of both my Instagram and Tumblr accounts is Liskin Dol, which means “valley of a fox” in Russian, in reference of where I live: a valley where the wildlife roams free.


You seem to be doing both photography and crafts, do you consider yourself more of a photographer or a maker?
Do I have to choose? 🙂 Both photography and crafts exist together and go hand in hand in my life.


Which one did you start first?
I think crafts came to my life earlier. I always did something with my own hands since early childhood.


Can you tell us the process you go through to make one of your creation?
It’s a very chaotic process! And very different every time. But from the moment an idea blooms in my mind I can’t be calm. I won’t stop until it’s ready.




What inspires you? 
Everything that surrounds me, so… nature! Wild forest vibes are the best inspiration.


Where do you take your photos?
I try to take all my photos outside: in my garden or in the forest behind my home,  so my followers and customers can feel nature’s magic.


Any new projects in mind for the future months?
Actually, nothing in particular right now. I’m going to develop my skills and focus on the things I already work on for the moment.


Where can we see your work?
I publish my works mostly on Instagram, and sometimes on Tumblr. I also have an Etsy shop. It’s usually empty but you can see my previous works – including those which aren’t posted in instagram, in the sold out products.




Meet the first forensic jeweller

Maria Maclennan

In the event of a plane crash, natural disaster or homicide, it happens that there isn’t much evidence left for the forensics to analyse. This is when Maria Maclennan, pioneer in forensic jewellery, comes in.

Originated from Scotland, Dr Maclennan first studied jewellery design before she started helping the Scottish police on local cases. Her knowledge of jewellery (metallurgy, marks and engravings, serial numbers…) prove itself invaluable and quite out of the ordinary compared to the regular forensic. Her expertise has been so helpful to the local forces that she now collaborates with the UK police, Interpol and private investigators alike.

Jewels are very resistent to extreme conditions and can carry skin cells and DNA, which makes them useful to find clues on the victims and possible culprits. With forensic jewellery, Maclennan has pioneered a brand new field of research and proved that if your dream job doesn’t exist, you can just create it.

(image : © Claire Maxwell for the FT)