6 artists for autumn

Ah, Autumn, my favourite season! The trees have changed their green foliage for a more suitable orange one, and Halloween is around the corner. To put you in the mood, here’s a list of 6 artists that, to me, embody the autumn spirit.

  1. Jessica Roux

2. Akira Nagasawa

3. Emily Winfield Martin

4. Vanessa Stockard

5. Annya Marttinen

6. Becca Stadtlander

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Staying in with Chloe Joyce


There is something very comforting about Chloe Joyce’s illustrations. Perhaps it is her use of somewhat muted colours in warm shades of pink and green, or perhaps it is because they show scenes of time spent in the intimacy of home. These private and cosy moments make me feel close to these women as I identify myself with them.

No need to say that I find these illustrations oh-so-lovely, and if you fancy seeing more of Chloe Joyce’s work –which I strongly recommend; you can do so via her website or her Etsy shop.

Becca Stadtlander

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Becca Stadtlander is an American illustrator and artist. She has been working for The New-York Times, Penguin Books and HarperCollins amongst others and I definitely understand why. Her work is bright but not bold, beautifully detailed and poetic. I love them and especially the ones with a warm palette. Perfect treat for Autumn! (PS: you can buy her gorgeous prints on her etsy shop). More of her art here.

Don Kenn

john335 john356 john359 john376 john390 john399 john401

Don Kenn (also known as John Kenn) is a Danish artist who enjoys drawing monsters on post-it notes. These terrifying figures seem to come straight out of nightmares and childhood fears and I love how the artist worked on each and every detail to make these scenes more intricate and dark.