Sretsis A/W 2019

You may remember the Sretsis sisters being previously mentionned here in this post about their fabulous house. Well, my fascination for the Thai brand has no lessen one bit, if anything it has incresed! This time though, it’s not their talent as house designers that I want to tell you about, but their latest, lavish collection.

backcollar 2my favsilk blousemargotcollar

Aren’t these lush? I love love the play with colours, details, textures and influences. Marie-Antoinette meets barocco meets bourgeois, and added to this, the extravagant touch that the Sretsis sisters always seem to add to their clothes. Now, my preference goes more towards the pretty pastelly gowns but I must admit I would feel positively grand in one of their brocade coats! In fact, this one reminds me of a quirky version of Margot Tenenbaum’s famous fur coat, don’t you think?

La fille de l’artiste

What have I been doing in the past 10 days? Well, I have been working on a tiny personal project: a lookbook. Having quite a few clothes for sale, I thought it would be fun to be a bit creative in the process of putting them for sale. The theme of the lookbook is The Artist’s Daughter, and was shot in an artist’s workshop in Paris. It’s obviously the work of a beginner but I thought I should put it here anyway!

1.vintage gingham dress

2.lecture du matinvintahe yellow top4.beaded bag5.polka dots dress6.vintage green dress7.vintage saylor dress9.little black dress

If you are based in France and wish to buy any of these items, here is where you can do so!