Faye Wei Wei


Faye Wei Wei is, to me, one of the most inspiring artist of her generation. Her work has a naive, oneiric style that I find both magical and refreshing. Her brushstroke is soft, her colours muted and her motifs lyrical. Each detail have been thought through and create an otherworldly atmosphere so typical for Faye’s work.


I really try to make every mark mean it. Even if it’s big, I think every element is so important to how it looks in the end. I feel like when I’m there in front of a canvas, I have to be really genuine, otherwise, the marks look sloppy and it doesn’t hold the love and emotion and the magic that I want it to.

she tells G-irls in an interview about her work, where she also explains how her work is deeply rooted in the realm of dreams as opposed to reality.

These numerous images can also be found in her London studio, where she keeps various trinkets, art books and souvenirs that inspire her.

I’m surrounded by objects that are charged with emotional intensity.

she tells House & Garden UK, in an article dedicated to her studio. This creative space of hers is just as inspiring as her art, and I am in love with both.


Faye Wei Wei is represented by Cob Gallery.

via House & Garden UK and G-irls.

Fairytale home – Sretsis


This fantastical home was created by the three super creative sisters behind the (equally wonderful) fashion brand Sretsis. It started off as a renovation of their childhood home, and from there they created the most magical residence, now home of three generations of the Sretsis dynasty.

Using art, design and nature as inspiration, the sisters managed to create an incredibly original, playful and welcoming home for their family. The residence features giant mushrooms by the pool, a Lady and the Unicorn themed tearoom and a whale house, amongst other things. Now, I don’t know about you, but I might ask them if I can move in too!