Audrey Kawasaki

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I have no memory of how I first saw Audrey Kawasaki’s work, but that it was years ago. I just loved (and still do) her delicate lines and the fact that her images have been drawn on wood. So pretty!

Audrey Kawasaki likes working with contradictory themes: innocence vs erotism, attraction vs the oddity that transpires through her work. She takes her inspiration from quite opposite sources as well: manga comics and Art Nouveau.

Aleksandra Waliszewska

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Ok I might have an inappropriate interest towards macabre but you’ll have to admit that Aleksandra Waliszewska’s work doesn’t let you be indifferent!

Aleksandra Waliszewska is a polish artist who thrives in representing gothic scenes and portraits. She takes her inspiration from the art of the Renaissance and from there she uses either an intricate or more simple brush to mix inspiration from the past with her own world.

Cendrine Rovini

S-accoupler  la montagne Cendrine Rovini Dea Incognita Cendrine Rovini Menus galets de secrets ruisseaux pour FB Dvorante Toi Cendrine Rovini Autoportrait morte Cendrine Rovini

When I first saw Cendrine Rovini’s work, it seemed to me like somebody has illustrated my dreams (I do have weird dreams, I know). Delicate and feminine, her hand is light and her imagination abundant.

Cendrine Rovini is a French artist who uses the vocabulary of dreams to create her images. Linked with nature, animals and shamanistic beliefs, Rovini’s images “insist about the necessary conjunction between all the living figures for a real harmony and beauty.”

Some Christmas presents

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Hello there!

First thing first: Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely time during the holiday. Above is the work of swedish artist Yrjö Edelmann and is definitely the kind of present any art-lover would love to receive for Christmas!

Yrjö Edelmann is a former illustrator now painter. He likes playing with his brush to challenge our senses and he does it very well. These pieces are just amazing!

(via The Jealous Curator)

Marion Peck

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Marion Peck seems to be one of those people that live in their very own world. With such a brilliant imagination, she creates little scenes that emanate much more than they seem to after a glance. Strange and dark, Marion’s paintings bring the viewers into dream-like visions of a strange and dangerous nature.

Marion Peck is a California based artist. She has extensively exhibited in the US and across Europe.

Julian De Narvaez

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Julian De Narvaez‘s dreamlike illustrations remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland but twisted with Tim Burton. Since I am forever a fan of Burton’s films, I couldn’t not love his work!

Julian De Narvaez studied Graphic Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogota before he decided to change his ambition and become an illustrator. Through hard-work, perseverance and passion, he managed to create his own creative language, between illustration and contemporary graphics.

His philosophy when approaching a challenge is that no matter what the project, there is always room to give it a unique character. This dedication is obvious when you look at his work and I would definitely answer the statement on his website: “I love what I do!”, by “I love what you do!”