Lucy Sparrow | The Cornershop

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It’s in this kind of occasion that I am SO happy I live in London. Felt artist Lucy Sparrow has taken over an old corner shop and transformed it into a felt wonderland. There you can find the usual stuff you would get from your local corner shop (from biscuits to pregnancy test!), Lucy hand stitched them all! I just cannot wait to go and see them all myself! If you can’t make it to London, not to worry, you can purchase any item on her e-shop.

The Cornershop, 19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, London.

(via The Guardian)

Lauren Fleishman | Love ever after

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I have a soft spot for old people. I think they’re just too cute. Now, when they happen to be old AND in love, I just cry because it’s too beautiful and precious and rare.

So here you go. I have read about this beautiful project by Lauren Fleishman only today, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. The idea behind it is just as touching – after the death of her grandfather, the artist found a series of love letters written by him to her grandmother. The project not only includes photographs, but also texts and voice recordings.

(via Huh Magazine)

Anna Barlow

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Right, so it might be because of the weather, but I am already longing for summer. The heat, the sunshine, the smell of sand mixed with the sweetness of an ice-cream… Heaven.

Anna Barlow is a British artist who is interested in food and our relationship with it. She chose to made these lovelies above by using clay, porcelain and glaze. Frozen and un-edible, yet so tasty looking.

(via Frankie Magazine)

Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses

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Unrooted from the ground, these flying houses are leaving their usual settlement for new horizons.

Laurent Chehere is a French photographer who enjoys exploring new grounds as well as new photographic techniques. These flying houses are the results of his wanders around Paris, with a Japanese twist as he has taken his inspiration from “Howl’s Castle” by Miyasaki.

By getting them out of their usual locations, Laurent shows the usually unnoticed beauty of these shabby homes.

Koen Lybaert

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I have to admit that I am not usually a great fan of abstract art. It simply doesn’t talk or mean anything to me. So when I discovered Koen Lybaert’s work, it was not only a discovery in terms of “oh this is a great artist” but it also made me realize that I could actually like abstract art.

Koen Lybaert is a Belgian painter who paints mainly abstract and landscapes. He uses different medias and tools, like photography, watercolours, oil paintings etc., to create these moods. I also find that even his abstract paintings are very alike to the natural world. They all remind me of forests, lake, mountains. Refreshing!