The Haveit Collective


The Haveit Collective is a team of four badass gals from Kosovo who have decided to speak against the inequalities and patriarchal society of their country. Their prime target? The Kanun, a bronze-age set of rules, still in place in nowadays Kosovo, that considers women as only fit for childbearing, and altogether, as second-class citizens.

Their live performances are usually held in the streets of Pristina, the capital, where they challenge the local community with visually striking actions in order to make people think and reflect on the established ways. For instance, on International Women’s Day, they took a copy of the Kanun and covered it with flour, beat it with a rolling pin and then deep-fried it.

Their performances are usually filmed or photographed and then published online, resulting in them receiving regular death threats from less open-minded folks. These threats, unfortunately treated lightly by the local police, only reinforced the Haveit collective’s desire to make things change.

(photography : Dardan Zhegrova, Agim Balaj)



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Is the online cat frenzy going a little bit too far for you? Wait until you see the cute sushi-cat, coming straight to you from another dimension (called Japan)!

Nekozuchi, also called Neko-Sushi:

“Extremely unusual life-form consisting of a cat on top of a portion of sushi rice. 

Although several references have come down to us through history from various researchers and witnesses, their existence is still shrouded in mystery and actual sightings remain rare.

There are several academics who have devoted their lives to the study of  these creatures. According to a number of these, Neko-Sushi make use of gaps in space to come to us from an alternate dimension. Beyond these “gaps” lies the world of the Neko-Sushi in which, it is recently understood, lies the true identity of the cats that dwell with us here in the human dimension.”

(Definition from the very serious Nekozuchi website)

Would you like some soy sauce with your kitty-sushi?

(via Made in Shoreditch)