Lee Price

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I do like my bath. It’s definitely my favourite way to calm down and get to a more relaxed state of mind. Now, if you give me some cake to go with it, I wouldn’t say no!

Lee Price painted these amazingly realistic self-portraits where she indulges herself with a bath and some sweet treats. Questioning the desire vs guilt relation women often have with food? or simply celebrating the idea of some me-time? I cannot pretend I know what the artist had in mind, but to me these are just beautiful.

Koen Lybaert

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I have to admit that I am not usually a great fan of abstract art. It simply doesn’t talk or mean anything to me. So when I discovered Koen Lybaert’s work, it was not only a discovery in terms of “oh this is a great artist” but it also made me realize that I could actually like abstract art.

Koen Lybaert is a Belgian painter who paints mainly abstract and landscapes. He uses different medias and tools, like photography, watercolours, oil paintings etc., to create these moods. I also find that even his abstract paintings are very alike to the natural world. They all remind me of forests, lake, mountains. Refreshing!

Lisa Krannichfeld | The Glass Menagerie

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Blurred and colourful portraits that seem to express feelings more than physical traits. I simply love them.

Lisa Krannichfeld studied biology and learned how to collect insects by killing them in a way as to not damage their bodies and posing them to display their anatomy. For this series she decided not to kill but to capture human emotions, using watercolours as a tool to portrait sentiments: intense and diverse. Then she finishes by adding a layer of resin, readying the “specimens for display”.