Elena Tyn



When I found this Tumblr last year, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. The photos, mostly taken in the forest, emanate this gentle charm that you sometimes find in pictures from the past. As for the crafts, carefully handmade little objects for everyday life: purses, knitted mittens, decorated notebooks… my heart sighed with admiration. How precious! Since then, I have been dutifully following Elena on her quaint Instagram account and on her Etsy shop and have recently ventured to ask her a few questions for the Art Gazette. She kindly accepted, here are her replies:


Hi! Could you tell me more about yourself? 
Hi! My name is Elena but I like to be called Ellen. I’m a full-time crafter and instagrammer living in the wild Karelian woods, Russia, with my family. Everything I do is my job and my hobby.
What does your pseudonym stand for?
The name of both my Instagram and Tumblr accounts is Liskin Dol, which means “valley of a fox” in Russian, in reference of where I live: a valley where the wildlife roams free.


You seem to be doing both photography and crafts, do you consider yourself more of a photographer or a maker?
Do I have to choose? 🙂 Both photography and crafts exist together and go hand in hand in my life.


Which one did you start first?
I think crafts came to my life earlier. I always did something with my own hands since early childhood.


Can you tell us the process you go through to make one of your creation?
It’s a very chaotic process! And very different every time. But from the moment an idea blooms in my mind I can’t be calm. I won’t stop until it’s ready.




What inspires you? 
Everything that surrounds me, so… nature! Wild forest vibes are the best inspiration.


Where do you take your photos?
I try to take all my photos outside: in my garden or in the forest behind my home,  so my followers and customers can feel nature’s magic.


Any new projects in mind for the future months?
Actually, nothing in particular right now. I’m going to develop my skills and focus on the things I already work on for the moment.


Where can we see your work?
I publish my works mostly on Instagram, and sometimes on Tumblr. I also have an Etsy shop. It’s usually empty but you can see my previous works – including those which aren’t posted in instagram, in the sold out products.




The 5 exhibitions I’m looking forward to this autumn in Paris

September marks the beginning of la rentrée (back to school) i.e. the awakening of a very sleepy Paris. After an entire month of vacances, the parisians finally yawned their way back to town and are now ready for all the art and entertainment Paris has to offer.
Here are the five exhibitions I’m personally very much looking forward to see, in no particular order :


L’âge d’or de la peinture anglaise (The golden age of english painting), Musée du Luxembourg, until Feb. 16th 2020
– shows masterpieces of the 18th and 19th c. kindly loaned by the Tate Britain.
Morderne Maharadjah, un mécène des années 30 (modern maharadja, a patron of the arts in the 1930s), Musée des Arts Décoratifs, from Sept. 26th til Jan. 12th 2020
– to see the Maharadja of Indore’s colletion of objects and furnitures used to decorate the first modernist building of his country: the Manik Bagh Palace.
Marie-Antoinette, métamorphoses d’une image (Marie-Antoinette, metamorphosis of an image), Conciergerie, from Oct. 16th til Jan. 26th 2020
– the most famous queen of France and how the people have perceived her throughout the centuries.
Tolkien, voyage en Terre du Milieu (Tolkien, voyage to Middle-Earth), Bibliothèque Nationale Française, from Oct. 22nd til Feb. 16th 2020
– the biggest French retrospective on Tolkien, themed on the magical geography of his works.
oeil et nuit
L’oeil et la nuit (the eye and the night), Institut des Cultures d’Islam
– exploring the multi-facetted vision we have of the night, by artists from Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.


Céline Clanet | Máze

02-maze-sami-lapland03-maze-sami-lapland04-maze-sami-lapland27-maze-sami-lapland38-maze-sami-lapland"The Wedding, M‡ze, 2008"

French photgrapher Céline Clanet decided to document the life and surroundings of Máze, a small Sámi village in Norwegian Lapland. Her poetic photos show a peaceful way of life in a place where people seem to be connected with nature (to the point of always having binoculars at hand, according to Clanet).

The immaculate landscapes, covered with snow, bare trees and occasional houses, are documented with love and talent. But Clanet’s beautiful photographs are also a harsh reminder of the dangers of global warming, and how quickly these populations will be affected by it.

Chika Usui and her family of scarecrows


Japanese artist Chika Usui has a thing for scarecrows. So much so that she decided to only feature them as the main theme of not one but two photographical projects, in which she also poses.

Arranging the scarecrows in life-like positions and sitting or interacting with them, Chika’s photos could almost look like candid family portraits… only with stuffed puppets instead of real human beings. The result is both cute and disturbing, but definitely worth a look!

(via Frankie)

Fow Eating Skyr Photography | Lazzari Winter 2014 Lookbook

lazz  lazz2lazz1 lazz3 lazz4 lazz5 lazz6 lazz7 lazz8

I don’t know much about Fox Eating Skyr, except that they are a video and photography production company based in North Italy, and that they produced this beautiful series of photos for the Winter 2014 season of fashion brand Lazzari. I fell in love with these when I saw them in Frankie Magazine and they reminded me a bit of the aesthetics of Wes Anderson: frontal photographies, colourful shots and a touch of the 70s. Aren’t these just great?

(via Frankie)

Jee Young Lee

jeeyounglee1LoveSeek jeeyounglee2TheMoment jeeyounglee3MonsoonSeason jeeyounglee4Childhood jeeyounglee8Flu jeeyounglee9Raw

Jee Young Lee is a Korean artist who uses her studio to create these whimsical scenes. To do so, she doesn’t use any digital manipulation but instead she paints, makes and arranges the room to eventually take one single photo of it. Taking her inspiration from Korean tales and personal experiences, these self-portraits explore “her quest for an identity, her desires and her frame of mind”, according to OPIUM Gallery. Aren’t they poetic and beautiful? (via My Modern Met)

Uldus Bakhtiozina | Russ Land


Uldus Bakhtiozina is a Russian photographer. With this photo series, she brings to life popular Russian tales and aims to “express something deeper than today’s average trendy photo formula. I want to be learning something or feeling something when I’m looking at a photo – so I try to create the same experience with my photography. With my art. With my Life!”

Blending modern fashion photography and ethnic heritage, Uldus offers beautiful and dream-like images of her culture.

(via Demilked)

If you like her aesthetics, take a look at her TED Talks video:

Rebecca Drolen | Hair Pieces

rsz_h500_4_2 rsz_h500_4_5 rsz_h500_4_6 rsz_h500_4_8 rsz_h500_4_10 rsz_h500_4_11 rsz_h500_4_12

Rebecca Drolen‘s surreal photos explore the relationship we have with hair. Women wear their hair as a symbol of femininity, however hair can also be viewed as something non desirable depending on where it grows. She decided to use self-portrait and photography to examine the contradictions in our society concerning self image and this resulted in this series of dream-like images that make us rethink about modern days aesthetics and beauty criteria.

(via Huffington Post)

Prue Stent | Pink

642848_orig 1336333_orig 2200067_orig 2814009_orig 3512764_orig 7573376_orig 8260409_orig 8732093_orig 9435532_orig

Pink is usually neglected as a colour. Too feminine, too sweet, too innocent, too Barbie-like… not good enough to be considered as suitable for everyday use and even less in art and photography. Now this particular series by talented Prue Stent proves that pink IS a powerful colour. Using it, the photographer questions femininity and the standards of beauty according to modern day perception. Lively and playful, the series explores the struggle of identity in women.

(via Juxtapoz)

Sofia Ajram

4252521281_04f6e849cf_o 4264191776_0e95f2abcf_o 4283342196_93a1bd946b_b 4417464789_5b4d40f876_o 5665798943_5bcb93c1f7_b stars

Strange and poetic, Sofia Ajram‘s photography reveals a world of magic in which the viewers can dive in. Since there is no better introduction than by oneself, below is her bio:

“My given name is Sofia Ajram. I come from the Third Planet. I am fastened to the sensuous of the inner universe. I want to share with you the galaxies projected within and without: absolute space and absolute time. I want to share with you the stars contained by the new souls of my race, humanity, in its infancy. Let me show you something electromagnetic. Let me take you to the place where Their dreamscapes and Our reality exchange glances. Let me help you remember.”

(via My Modern Met)