Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses

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Unrooted from the ground, these flying houses are leaving their usual settlement for new horizons.

Laurent Chehere is a French photographer who enjoys exploring new grounds as well as new photographic techniques. These flying houses are the results of his wanders around Paris, with a Japanese twist as he has taken his inspiration from “Howl’s Castle” by Miyasaki.

By getting them out of their usual locations, Laurent shows the usually unnoticed beauty of these shabby homes.

Jean-Baptiste Courtier | Elephant Rose

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If you happen to see a pink elephant everywhere you go, it might not mean that you have been abusing class A drugs, but that you may be part of Jean-Baptiste’s Elephant Rose project. Hooray!

Jean-Baptiste Courtier is a French artist who uses photography as a tool to play with reality and fiction. The fine line between daily life and poetry is just right here, in his photography. (Also check his Natation Synchronisée series, amazing).

Beccy McCray | Like Fat Kid Love Cake

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Colourful cakes with writings like anthems, sounds like something you might like? Personally, I instantly fell in love with these, especially the “Don’t Believe the Hype” version. So close and yet far from the hipster culture we see a lot around here in East London.

As you probably guessed, Beccy McCray is London based who creates fake cakes that look like real (because of the real icing that goes on top). Challenging the cliché of baking being the hobby of a muted and submissive feminine (old) crowd, she created these fun and original pieces.

Oh, and when Beccy’s baked goods become an installation, that’s how it ends up looking:


Pretty cool, huh?

(via Frankie Magazine)

Cody Cobb | Islands

1a_Island-103 1a_Island-104 1a_Island-105 1a_Island-107 1a_Island-109 1a_Island-111 1a_Island-118 1a_Island-119 Island_B-103 Island0610-100

I haven’t been very active in this platform for the past few weeks and this is due for several personal reasons mainly linked with work and probably a bit of laziness too. But I am back and ready to show you all these great artists I’ve been discovering online and in real life, starting with Cody Cobb.

I don’t know exactly why, but these past few weeks I have been craving for some natural and wild environment. London and its parks are all nice and tidy but I must admit that a bit more beautiful natural landscapes would be nice. So instead of escaping London, I look at these beautiful photos, and feel better already. Aren’t they nice?

(via The Artful Desperado)

Gabriele Galimberti | Delicatessen with love

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When Gabriele Galimberti decided that it was time for him to go and see the world, his Granny was very worried. Not that he would be in great danger, but that we wouldn’t get to eat properly. Following this, Gabriele decided to not only visit other countries, but their grannies too.

As everybody know, grannies always put an honour to make sure that kids eat properly. So they cook with love. Across the numerous countries Gabriele Galimberti visited, he always found a granny to make him a lovely meal. He took photos of each of them, first with the ingredients then of each meal. This ended up creating the series of photos Delicatessen with love, showing that no matter who and where, a granny always finds time and love to cook for the youth.

Todd Antony | Sun City Poms

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What else could you make you smile more than grannies wearing sequins, glitters and pompoms? For me, this is the pinnacle of awesomeness. These ladies look happy as hell and that makes me happy too.

Todd Antony took these photos in a retirement town near Phoenix, Arizona. The sitters, aged between 55 and 83 seem to be doing pretty well spreading the joy. I’ve made my decision, when I grow older, I want to be a granny cheerleader!

(via Frankie Magazine)

Maia Flore | Sleep Elevations

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I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody, but when I fall asleep, I literally fall. Like Alice in the rabbit hole, I often have this feeling of falling down as I drift off. Maia Flore’s sitters on the other hand, seem to elevate.

Maia Flore is a French photographer who explores the field of imagination. Lifted up gently by hot air balloons, boats or clouds, her characters seem unaware of their fabulous trip to Neverland. Dreamy.