Lucy Sparrow | The Cornershop

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It’s in this kind of occasion that I am SO happy I live in London. Felt artist Lucy Sparrow has taken over an old corner shop and transformed it into a felt wonderland. There you can find the usual stuff you would get from your local corner shop (from biscuits to pregnancy test!), Lucy hand stitched them all! I just cannot wait to go and see them all myself! If you can’t make it to London, not to worry, you can purchase any item on her e-shop.

The Cornershop, 19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, London.

(via The Guardian)

Anna Barlow

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Right, so it might be because of the weather, but I am already longing for summer. The heat, the sunshine, the smell of sand mixed with the sweetness of an ice-cream… Heaven.

Anna Barlow is a British artist who is interested in food and our relationship with it. She chose to made these lovelies above by using clay, porcelain and glaze. Frozen and un-edible, yet so tasty looking.

(via Frankie Magazine)