Grayson’s art club

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In these troubled times, it is easy to slip into the fold of our sofa in a mindless slumber. And while I have nothing against a good ol’ binge-watch, I find that it usually leaves me drained of all energy and creativity. That’s when Grayson Perry’s magnificent art club comes into the game.


(painting by Julia Gardner; Julia Gardner via Channel 4)

The 6-episode program brings you Grayson and wife Philippa in their workshop as they work on some creative endeavours. Each episode is devoted to a theme and explores not only Perry’s work but also the public’s, which had been invited to participate and send in their works. Fun, entertaining and inspiring, Grayson’s art club makes me wish there were more similar TV programs out there.

Grayson’s Art Club is available on reply on Channel 4’s website.


Good news to all French speaking egyptology fans out there: Amandine Marshall, egyptologist and author of numerous books on the subject, has decided to start her own Youtube channel called “Toutankatube“! If you want to know more about the lost civilisation of the pharaohs – but without all the conspiracy theories you inevitably end up seeing online, I would strongly recommend checking her channel out. The first video, published two weeks ago, tells you the scientific facts on how and why mummies can explode. Now if that isn’t enough to make you wish for more, then I don’t know what is.


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Have you seen the movie Maudie? It tells the life of Canadian artist Maude Lewis, her conflictious relationship with her husband Everett and her struggles with rheumatoid arthritis – an illness that affects joints and made it painful for her to hold a paintbrush. Despite all that, the film doesn’t fall into the trap of neither misery nor romanticism and stays fairly close to what we know of Lewis’s life (check out this article for more info on the accuracy of the movie).

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Personnaly, I really enjoyed watching it. The story was poetic and the characters depicted without judgement. I felt touched by the life and romance of the protagonists and pleased by the aesthetic of the film. If you want to know more about Maude Lewis’s life, or if you’re simply looking for a good film to watch, I would definitely recommend Maudie.

Fow Eating Skyr Photography | Lazzari Winter 2014 Lookbook

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I don’t know much about Fox Eating Skyr, except that they are a video and photography production company based in North Italy, and that they produced this beautiful series of photos for the Winter 2014 season of fashion brand Lazzari. I fell in love with these when I saw them in Frankie Magazine and they reminded me a bit of the aesthetics of Wes Anderson: frontal photographies, colourful shots and a touch of the 70s. Aren’t these just great?

(via Frankie)

Sia | Chandelier

I have been listening to Sia’s album “Some People Have Real Problems” many times since its release. So much that I didn’t even notice that since then, the artist released two new albums. The latest one “1000 Forms of Fear” features this song called “Chandelier”.

Now, I know this is an art blog usually dedicated to visual arts, but THIS SONG and THIS VIDEO truly are masterpieces. The dancer in the video, Maggie Ziegler, is only 11 years old and I am sure she will have a great career.

Amazing video and amazing choreography (by Ryan Heffington).

(via Slate)